CPU Load Generator

CPU Load Generator APK (Download) atualizado para Android.

Nome: CPU Load Generator
Versão: Última Versão
Sistema: Android
Publicado: 20/04/2022

APK CPU Load Generator download

This tool generates CPU loads.
This tool launches several Android Services that continue to calculate SHA1 value of 2MB buffer that is filled by random data. You can control how many Android Services are launched by pushing button. Basically I think that CPU load is highest when you launch number of services as same as the number of the CPU Core.

It seems this tool is too hevy. According to user feedback, several devices were broken. So please use this app carefully. But this tool is using just MessageDigest#update() and MessageDigest#digest().
So if the device is broken, it is device’s problem because device must ensure that all Android APIs work properly. And I think you can ask manufacture for repair.

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