Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game

Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game APK (Download) atualizado para Android.

Nome: Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game
Versão: Última Versão
Gênero: Casual / Jogos /
Sistema: Android
Publicado: 01/04/2022

APK Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game download

Good day for a swell battle!

This is the companion timer app for Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game, the officially licensed tabletop adaptation of Studio MDHR’s critically acclaimed video game, available now at!

Use this app to conveniently keep time and calculate scores for your Rounds! Start by setting a player count, Boss #, and timer length on the next screen. Once your Attack Cards are revealed, start the timer. A brawl is surely brewing!

How to Use this App:

Choose the length of your rounds: 10 second, 15 seconds or 20 seconds and hit START. The app will count down your round while you feverishly roll the dice. Keep rolling and locking in your dice until time’s up. If you defeat the boss, hit K.O. Then enter your remaining HP, Parry, Wallop, and Time tokens for all players to get your final Grade!

And begin!

Full instructions on how to play the board game are included with the physical game.

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