Food Fighter Clicker

Food Fighter Clicker APK (Download) atualizado para Android.

Nome: Food Fighter Clicker
Versão: Última Versão
Gênero: Jogos / Simulação /
Sistema: Android
Publicado: 29/03/2022

APK Food Fighter Clicker download

‘Food Fighter Clicker’ is a clicker game that grows to become the world’s best food fighter by eating food and enhancing your abilities.

●Strengthen various abilities such as eating power, chewing power, mouth size, and stomach size.

●Unlock tons of food to make your table more hearty.

●Collect a variety of items including hair, costumes, dining tables, chairs, furniture, and more.

● Test your abilities to see how many you can eat on a challenge mukbang.

BGM: MaouDamashii

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