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Nome: MU Archangel
Versão: Última Versão
Gênero: Jogos / RPG /
Sistema: Android
Publicado: 28/03/2022

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■ MU Archangel 6th Update ■

1. Eagle
– A new guardian appears who stays with the warriors and shares the adventures of the continent of Mu!
– Eagle content is unlocked after reaching level 300 and completing the sub quest.
– Each Eagle has a total of 4 Property Skills, divided into Magic, Epic, Unique, and Legendary skills.
– When an Eagle is summoned, one Magic rating species’ skill and various options are activated.

1-1. Eagle Evolution
– When evolving an Eagle, the Evolution Option stat increases significantly, and the Property Skill for the currently owned species unlocks.

1-2. Eagle Upgrade
– Upgrading an Eagle increases its default options and upgrades its Property Skill once your Eagle reaches a specific tier via upgrades.

1-3. Eagle Supplies
– Eagle can be more powerful by activating the Supplies Option, and it can be activated when you equip all equipment for each 4 slots.

1-4. Eagle Feed
– You can activate various options when growing an Eagle by using types of Feed items.

2. Soul Skill
– A feast for the greater power of magnificent skills! Meet the Soul Skill that contains the power of the Soul!
– The Soul Skill can be activated by using the Designated Soul Stones.
– Activating a Soul Skill can grant you various active or passive effects.

2-1. Addition of Soul Shop
– Meet the materials for Soul Skills that can get Soul Power through the Soul Shop!

3. Max Level Expansion
– Max Level expanded: The character’s max level has been expanded from 900 to 1,100.

Greetings, we are MU Archangel!
MU, just as it was online, is back on mobile!

▶ Meet MU again, with emotions of the old days!
Recall your memory of gameplay with Blood Castle, Square of Devil, Chaos Castle, and more!

▶ Face the most powerful enemy ever!
Only those with strong power can survive. Conquer numerous bosses and win the deadly arena to be the strongest warrior!

▶ Introducing new guild contents!
From Guild Feast that will enhance your bond with guild members, to Castle Siege that will bring you to fierce battles! Enjoy our new guild contents!

▣ Permission request instructions
MU Archangel asks for the following permissions when installing the game to better serve you.

– Use of SD memory: allow this app to use MU Archangel app folder installed on the device to apply real-time patches and bug fixes.

– Access to Camera: allow this app to read photos and media on the device for the purpose of uploading photos/media as attachments in your inquiry.

▶ Game play may be restricted if you deny access to required information on your device.

[How to remove access permission]

* Android OS 6.0 or higher *
Device Settings > Apps > MU Archangel > Permissions > Reset each access permission

* Lower than Android OS 6.0 *
Access can be removed only when the app is deleted.

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